Your Child’s Early Years

Did you know that the most important years for learning are the Early ones? The Tinytapps brand focusses on Early Learning for Kids  with a series of apps loved by million of kids and parents worldwide. These apps are available on all major appstores and have been downloaded more than 1.5m times worldwide. Check them out!

App Review

WOW!!! Perfect learning app!!! 

– Cooldudeimr (India)

My daughter loves this app so much! She is autistic, and this app is perfect for her and any preschool child that loves music. The support team is great and promptly addressed a problem I was having unlocking more songs. Well worth the money! Thank you, Tiny Tapps!

– Kia28314 (USA)

Fun tools for my kids – Fun and excellent game for my kids to learn English: read, write, pronounce.

– Ken070708 (Indonesia)

Using this app in our classroom, the kids love it!

– DavidJ42 (U.S.A.) 

Learn – Good learning tool for kids

– BobYeahz (Singapore)

Love it It help my. Niece to learn

– kiara henderson(United Kingdom)

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