The digital revolution has hit pre-school, with iPads becoming a top learning tool for three and four-year-olds. Kindergartens are complementing crayons and finger paints with iPads. These electronic tablets help children develop important skills. We know that children learn best through play and these devices provide the necessary engaging experience for younger kids.

The iPad helps to develop various skills like literacy, numeracy, visual and listening for the child. These devices are tactile and engaging, so the teachers believe they’ll grab young children’s attention, and help them learn problem-solving skills too.

Initially there was a mixed response from parents about introducing the touch screen device; they’re also worried the pupils were too young to appreciate the expense.

“The children pick up this type of technology easily; sometimes they are the ones guiding us. We’ve had a fantastic response from the children.” says a preschool teacher and a parent of a four year old. She continues “Each child is allowed to spend half an hour a day on an iPad, and they are strictly limited to the school approved “educational” apps”. However, kindergarten iPad, she concludes needs to be properly supervised.

iPad is a powerful educational tool that features hundreds of teaching applications. With its touchpad screen, it is simple to use and can help bring learning to life. Some are calling it a revolution in education.

TinyTapps has joined the iPad revolution. We create educational apps that are a rich learning experience for the preschool kids and are a great value for money for both parents and schools.