Discover how children are learning all skills they need to be successful in school, starting from birth.

Yes, we all know more than we think we do, but knowledge is never complete. There is always more to learn, with every new day that comes. And when it comes to learning it’s wise to refer from sources that are authentic and experienced.

From when your child is born he/she is repeating the whole history of the human race. There’s nothing in the world more fascinating than watching your child grow and develop.

At first you think of it as just a matter of growing bigger. Then, as he/she begins to do things, you may think of it as “learning tricks”.

But it’s really more complicated and full of meaning than that. Each child as he/she develops is retracing the whole history of mankind, physically and spiritually, step by step.
As you place your eyes on the little bundle of joy, when he/she comes into this world you are amazed. The initial sign he/she gives, are his cries for attention and hunger. They already know to call you. Your child can also tell from light and dark when he/she is born. A bright light bothers him/her, he shuts his eyes.

Children learn to fix their gaze by 2 months, also recognise a human face. This therefore is a very important period, as they respond to your expression. In the period from 2 or 3 months, your baby is wrapped up in himself. As a baby gets beyond the three month period, they take a lot more notice of the world around them.

They turns their head in all directions in order to observe the things around. It’s a gradual process though; it’s amazing how babies learn to control their body. This is the Motor development stage, when they begin to hold their head, learns to sit, creep, stand and finally walk.