The baby passing a rattle from one hand to the other, is it learning or just playing? When we see children building with blocks, pretending to be airplanes, learning to skip rope, we’re apt to think, in our mixed-up adult minds that these are just amusements, quite different from serious occupations such as doing lessons and holding a job. We are mixed up because most of us were taught in our own childhood that play was fun but schoolwork was a duty and a job was a grind.

In their own little ways babies at an early stage from 6 months onwards are trying hard to work and fit into this world. They are training themselves for useful work later, just as much as the high school students studying geometry.

A child loves to play, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.

He is striving every hour of every day to graduate to more difficult achievements and to do what the older kids and grown-ups do.

The mother of a 1-year old complains that her baby is bored with blocks and only wants to fit pots and pans together. One reason is that he knows already that his mother plays with pots and pans and not with blocks. That makes pots and pans more fun.

It’s of importance to provide them with every help you can offer them, at these stages. They do rely on you for aid towards their growth.