While parents have the most loving intentions for their kids, they tend to view them as mini-me’s. And carbon copies of them. But in reality, biological children do share mom and dads, DNA; this doesn’t guarantee they’ll share the same traits, interests or inclinations. In fact, they may be polar opposites.

To build up a stable bond its important, to be creative and affirmative. Because each one is born with unique potentials. Children develop their personality styles, temperamental rhythms, moral values, and interests. Still parents exert strong influences on these qualities, as do peers, teachers and society during the school years.

In order to bridge this gap it’s important to communicate. Have an open-ended question answer session with kids. This way you can open up their mind. They will definitely share their ideas and feelings.

If parents learn to observe their children from a slightly objective distance to understand their inner workings. They can create a powerful “virtual road map “to more effectively discipline, motivate and build self-esteem in their children. It’s an admirable goal for moms and dads to want kids to grow up happy and feeling good about them, they should also help their children discover their authentic self-discovering that which is truly, uniquely theirs. “In other words learn to recognize a child’s strengths and then parent in that direction.