Baby’s brain is built over time but have you ever noticed how the little brain of your baby function? Or when do you train the little masters? It starts during pregnancy and continues through to early adulthood. It is connected with millions of brain cells or neurons. These neurons communicate with each other by passing multiple messages over miniature spaces called synapses. As the messages are repeated over and over, more links are made and “neural pathway” is formed.

Imagine these pathways as the brain’s “strings.” Your child & their brain is tied up with different strings in charge of emotion, logic, language, memory, behaviour, and motor skills. In the first three years, a child’s brain has up to twice as many synapses as it will have in adulthood. Genes provide a blueprint of the brain, but a child’s milieu and activities carry out the structure.

During the first six months of life, babies gradually acquire information about the world around them. The most developing area is the part which controls their basic reflections, crying, heartbeat, breathing but they develop really quickly.

At the stage of birth, a baby knows their mother’s voice and may be able to recognise the sounds of stories or voice spoke by the Mother. About three months old their brain is matured so much, they grasp and the spontaneous cry fade.

The development of memory is a fascinating theme with babies, as they set to greet you and the rest of the world! The area of the brain along with the other part of the nervous system is not fully matured and undergone lot of development in the first two years of life which is why long term memory proves in the two years of age. This means the ability to remember to develop over time and babies learn fast, in fact when they are only ten days old, your baby can remember the way you smell, touch and about three months they can recognise you completely by sight!

Your child might group up to be many things to many people around the world but parents continue to celebrate their brilliance of the cheerful smile how much ever naughty they maybe, remind yourself each day of the innocent smiles, glittering eyes and joyful laugh they bought to you in that painful minute. A BABY IS A BUNDLE OF JOY TO ONE’S FAMILY.