Digital culture as carried magnificent changes and the technologies has launched a variety of powers to the little masters and it is the right way of teaching at this rebellion which helps them grow quickly and spirited! When educational World offers dozens of activities for children across the grades. Quality and competitive education are spurring in Preschool, College, and Workplace and don’t you think your child has to reach top grade all over?
Understanding the facts, when today’s media motivate children to think positively and learn innovatively through technology. We found out what really, is the best and the accurate way of learning. Considering the thriving tech world that maturing more social, adaptive and customised.

Tinytapps presents The WEE Tablet emphasised for children in the age group of 1 to 6. A sleek tablet designed for kids to develop their multiple skills with a single learning tool with abundant of app activities and various learning techniques.

The benefits of Wee tablet is aimed to the next generations young buddies have been called into question, particularly in their educational meadow. It is a daily dosage of supplement that carries out in their fun thrilled journey!

• Sharpen up their Language Math and science

• Curriculum based Content

• An artist approach – Colour, Drawing, Rhymes

• Puzzle to enable realist development

• Vocabulary, Memory tests

• Pre-writing strokes, Stories and LOT MORE!

It is also a source for Parent to control with time limit, kid’s safe content with no popups!

Parents zone to evaluate their skills, further discover their interest & find reasons to encourage!

It is an investment of offering them an early learning exposure for their fruitful future.

If children growing up now without starting to learn digital skills, they might pay for it later in society. Because they’re facing a future that’s filled with knowledge work, Parents goal should be to help kids become creators, not just consumers.

‘The aim is to mould not to be moulded!’