Early learning is defined as “a set of concepts, principles and facts that explain the technology is a tool that can provide an added opportunity for young children to learn. Learning is communication and communication continue to progress. Child development is divided into three categories –

(1) Physical development address on how they grow, acquire the sense of the environment etc.

(2) Cognitive development address on how they deal with language, memory, problem-solving etc.

(3) Social-emotional development address on how they react or acquire knowledge, handle relationships with others, as well as understand their own feelings, visual thinking.

Tiny tapps have picked up three Apps from our bundle of apps that assures to influence all these three important developments that every kid knocks in.

Nursery Rhymes & has a fabulous collection of popular classic rhymes designed especially for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids of all ages. One of the easy play rides to acquire about the world around them.


Math’s and is one stop Math app to test their memory power of 30 types of fun learning activities. Suits for kids in preschool, nursery, age group 2-5.


Fun with Shapes & a house inside full of 10 verities of shapes, a fun filled activities to enhance recognition and observation skills, improve visual discrimination and promotes analytical thinking.