We are excited to be a part of Edugild, a MIT initiative which focusses on Edtech startups and provides them business acceleration services.

Being an Edtech company, its feels great to be part of Edugild – who run a very strong acceleration program. The quality of people who advise and mentor startups at Edugild is really impressive and expected to propel our company to its next level. The team is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this exciting relationship.

EDUGILD accelerator program is dedicated to startups working in the EdTech space. EDUGILD™ offers founders of intense mentoring to expedite product development. Selected startups get mentored by successful industry leaders and also get a platform to beta test their products / solutions. Start-up founder(s) will work along with an equally passionate peer group to develop creative ideas. Mentors with a variety of specialty areas provide their expertise and guidance and create an environment that encourages the spirit of innovation, challenges, and calculated risk-taking.


The program features multiple interactions with mentors, both online as well as off. Workshops and intensive session of topics most relevant to founders are held twice a week. Each week will focus on one or more topics related to various aspects of creating successful businesses. Apart from strategy and finance, we are particularly keen on people and teams. We believe that it is the people in the organization that often matter more than the products. If the team is awesome, the products will surely be commendable.