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At the end of every year, we look back at our accomplishments and see how far we have come since the year began. As parents you always want your young ones to learn something new and discover their talents.  At Tiny Tapps we understand this journey of discovery for your young ones, and we bring you some new ways to help your child learn and grow in 2017.

  1. Karaoke Sessions:

Research as shown that children respond better to music than to text repeated over and over. Instead of writing or repeating to memorize new information, try a catchy jingle instead. Check out some of the songs available on the Tiny Tapps app here.

If you want to take this experience for your child a step further, you could schedule jam sessions or a Karaoke hour with your child at home, ensuring that the lessons are learned, and the child is awake and eager for the next lesson.

  1. Movie time:

Interactive videos greatly increase a child’s attention span during lessons, and the colorful display and learning methods create a greater impact than a traditional interactive textbook does. The key to learning is not to memorize, but to clearly understand and embrace concepts. Check out some of the best learning and interactive videos here.

  1. Bond over your hobbies:

To begin with, engage your child with your own hobbies like painting or playing an instrument. These activities help create a strong bond between parent and child and also might show where the child’s interests lie. However, be careful not to force your interests on your child, give them enough space to make a choice.

  1. Make your own Game:

Involve a few games in the time you spend with your child. Games involving code words and secrets which are only known to the parent and child work well to create a sense of exclusivity, while flashcards and action songs ensure the child is actively learning at every point. You may find these apps helpful.

  1. The WEE Tablet:

The Wee Tablet by Tiny Tapps is one of the most effective ways to maximize learning and maintain the fun quotient. The amazing pre-school tablet comes with the entire roster of Tiny Tapps applications preinstalled for your child’s benefit, with parental controls and guided learning patterns for complete peace of mind. It makes your child smarter with lateral thinking games and puzzles and provides holistic learning with age specific activities for your child. Check it out here:  www.weetablet.com

  1. Cooking together:

Help the child develop a sense of responsibility by teaching them the basics of household activities in a fun way. Cooking is a great place to start. Using child-proofed tools and your ‘fun parenting’ show them why it is important to know these skills. This instills in the child a sense of ownership and responsibility from a young age.

  1. Make them feel important:

Make your little ones feel like learning is an important part of their lives. Get them involved in the process of learning by giving out small gifts and prizes for every accomplishment, or by taking pictures of their outstanding achievements and creating bulletins to recognize their efforts. This motivates the child to think creatively and come with more different ideas than they would have under regular circumstances.

Childhood experiences create the base of a human being’s personality; hence it is important to ensure that these experiences are picture perfect.