The first few years of development are some of the most important years of your child’s life. Some might say during that time a lot can go wrong; I prefer to think of it as a time when a lot can go right. With the right attitude and the right tools, our children have the opportunity to be some of the most educated people in all of history.

If you’re interested in helping kids get a jump start, check out some of these great tools to help get the job done.

  1. Interactive E-books

One of the most important skills a child can learn early is how to read. The sooner they can start understanding the written word, the faster they’re able to integrate knowledge. The use of a tablet with interactive stories gives you options that would have once required numerous different tools. It’s a big space saver too. Remember how many toys lasted a good 10 minutes? Expect to get a lot more life out of a specialty tablet.

  1. Educational Games

Whether your kids are using a children’s tablet or a full-size iPad, a number of educational games exist to help build math skills and problem-solving abilities. This is an excellent way to prepare the kids for school by making learning something they associate with positivity. Your children’s future teachers will thank you for making their job much easier.

  1. Foreign Language Learning

Even if you yourself aren’t proficient in another language, you might be surprised how fast little ones can pick up Spanish, French or even Chinese. Some of the same developers who work on programs for adults, such as Rosetta Stone, are also developing apps to help children learn new languages. Spanish is the first supported language and a great choice considering the diversity in today’s world.

Protect Your Investment and Your Kids

As you prepare your tablet or chosen device to help teach your children new skills, don’t forget to protect it! Hacking and malware are ubiquitous, and nothing causes a greater interruption than having your technology suddenly fail.

Consider installing security software to prevent theft, hacking and cyberstalking. Use anti-malware services such as Avast and subscribe to a Virtual Private Network to keep your device secure from outside intrusions.

Our kids are important to us. What are you doing to help them succeed? Tell us your strategy in the comments section!

About the Author: Cassie loves technology and what it’s done for the early learning process. She’s also an expert on internet security and always advocates that technology be approached with cautious optimism.