Kids at KanvzaKidz – an upcoming preschool chain of schools adopted the wee learning systems for its preschool lab setup and has begun imparting lab time for preschoolers. Seema tanwar, the owner of the franchise is extremely pleased with the product and is convinced about its effectiveness for learning.

“In the  age of digitalisation,  use of appropriate and personalized learning should be a part of the overall curriculum. In Tinytapps we find the partner who can provide us the necessary support to make this happen”.

Kanvaskidz is one of the pioneering preschools in the city to setup a preschool lab where students work in batches and use interactive and digital activities to supplement their learning. Its a fantastic way for kids to engage and have fun while fundamentally reinforcing their concepts.

The experiment has seen some great enthusiasm from parents and kids with increased engagement levels at the growing chain of preschools.