Outdoor activities no longer attract kids the way screens do. However both research and logic have concluded that outdoor activities are crucial to a child’s growth and personality development. It increases confidence, teaches responsibility and promotes creativity and imagination. Here are a few tricks to get your tiny tot out of the room and into the open.

Here are a few tricks to get the best out of Outdoor Activities with your kids:
  1. Use Elements From Their World:

Use things they are familiar with to arouse interest. For example: If you have bird charts at home, or if your child loves Angry Birds, take him/her out to a park nearby and teach them to identify the various species of birds. the sooner they associate, the faster they learn.

  1. Start Collecting:

Encourage your child to collect things which are found outside. Leaves and stones are an interesting place to start. It makes your child curious, and also gives them a reason to want to go outdoors. It’s also the perfect opportunity to introduce them to gardening.

  1. Do What You’re Doing, Just Do It Outside:

Why should a walk in the park mean you need to disrupt your routine? It gives you some fresh air too. Whether it’s reading or the everyday play- learning, it is a lot more fun out in the open. Take few picture books along. Or better, open the Folktales app on your Wee Tablet. (Read this blog post to learn fun ways to make your child love reading)

  1. Down to Earth:

Instead of being constantly paranoid about your child getting dirty, let them have a few muddy moments. Scientists have found that playing out in grass and mud unlocks the child’s creativity and imagination, and also helps boost confidence. Be sure to follow it up with a proper shower, though.

  1. Lessons of Nature:

Nature teaches a few very important lessons. Whether it’s a spider weaving the web or the patterns birds make when they fly or even the changing colors of leaves, there is a lot to learn. And if they see you appreciating nature, they’ll start appreciating it too.

Children learn from what they see around them. Set an example for them with your actions first before you proceed to teach them something new. And like the famous American poet, Gary Synder said, “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” Help your kids find the joys of nature.

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