1st May 2017, Hong Kong: Tinytapps software signs a partnership agreement with OSIS technologies for distribution of their Wee learning software for the ASEAN Markets.

Tinytapps Software (www.thetinytapps.com) is a leading Edtech company focusing on early learning. With a strong content portfolio of 65 apps and wee learning system available on cloud, SD card and A kids tablet the company is positioned to play a leading role in the growing preschool industry.

The WEE Learning system is a unique learning and entertainment solution featuring a structured and integrated digital syllabus of more than 1000 activities complemented with games, puzzles, rhymes, stories, worksheets and parental controls. It goal is to make learning efficient, fun and impart the core and fundamental building blocks of Language, Math and Science for a child’s early development.

Tinytapps software signed up with OSIS technologies as their partner for distribution of their Wee Learning system for the ASEAN markets.

 “The Wee learning system was always created with a global market in mind and today we are excited with this partnership to see our software reach international markets.“ says Altaf Rehmani – Director of Tinytapps software.

OSIS technologies has over a decade of experience in launching products and new technologies in the ASEAN markets establishing a perfect synergy for the Wee learning systems launch into South east Asian markets.

“We are super excited to align with Tinytapps as we believe that there is a tremendous scope for the Wee learning system within the markets that we operate in” says Sriram Dharmapadam, Director – OSIS Technologies, Hong Kong.

Excited about the launch of the Wee Learning system here in South Asia, Altaf Rehmani stated “Our goal of making learning fun and interactive for young kids with an out of the box learning experience has been very well received in the markets where we have launched and showcased the product and we are extremely positive of its international appeal and benefits to preschool kids worldwide.”

This innovative concept based tool has innumerable benefits to offer.

  • Content is curated based on a curriculum that is child-centric
  • Fun and engaging activities for overall intellectual development
  • Kids- safe content with no pop-up ads
  • Parental controls to limit time and to measure your child’s progress
  • Provides language, math, general Knowledge, science, art and rhymes bundled in one integrated software.
  • Designed to provide curricular guidance for those working with children in pre-school settings
  • Encourages children to work independently and to develop various learning skills