Why Wee Learning?

Eye Exercises

One of the world’s first content to feature eye exercises to counter any negative impact on the eyes.Recommended by ophthalmologists, the Wee learning system limits time spent on its usage, introduces eye muscle exercises and enforces regular blinking to ensure guaranteed safety for your child!


Give your kids creative side a treat by treating them to colouring and drawing activities which save themselves automatically and become your prized possessions which you can share with the world!

Curated Curriculum

Find peace of mind in a complete syllabus based curated list of activities by age and subject with a suggested learning path for early learners. Activate the tablet, spend a few minutes with your child and then sit back to let the simple interface engage them into efficient learning.

1000+ Activities

Every subject and each topic a preschooler worldwide needs to learn us packaged ad curated into multitude of activities which randomly repeat in multiple iterations resulting in thousands of combinations which enable fast, efficient learning and provide the stimulation to unleash the genius in your child!


Whats learning without some stories, rhymes, puzzles and art to delight, entertain and sharpen the mind which is on the verge of expanding its deepest connections? A collection of classics – regularly updated will ensure that the child is regularly entertained.


Done with the daily time with Wee? Now, Filter and Print from the hundreds of activity worksheets designed to provide traditional tools for scribbling , writing and having fun with learning!

Explore the Features..


Navigate simply through level by level and choose through a subject to explore one of its activities with a suggested sequence for learning. Watch how the simple navigation interface makes jumping to a topic easy and straightforward. Also activities are marked green or orange to show if they are fully completed.


A curated set of activities with a intuitive and elegant interface which suggests a clear learning path for your child tracking progress on the way. Sit back, relax and let Wee take care of making learning fun.

Kids Dictionary

No learning system can be complete without a kids dictionary providing instant access to words and pictures to retail what they have learnt and serve as a reference to look up when they are learning independently and developing their love to learn.


Preview the Wee, the best learning system for preschool kids ages 2-6 in a packaged and curated set of activities available in various formats for unleashing the genius in your child. Check out the video and consider the Wee Tablet as the best gift for your loved ones who will grow up smart and loving to learn using this powerful and amazing tool.

Fun World!

Immerse your child in the world full of stories, Rhymes and puzzles to engage and delight them with content which makes learning fun, engaging and interesting.

General Knowledge

To fuel your child curious mind, a collection of hand picked questions and answers explained through audio and visual mediums to provide stimulation and answers to most common questions which foster a child’s curiosity and imagination.

Why us

Safe & Kid Friendly Content

Activity Based Learning

Reports & Assesments

Content in one beautiful experience

Holistic Learning with blended age specific activities of your child

Analytics & Parental control

Puzzles & Mind Games