Our future depends on how we invest in our children today

Kids using wee learning in preschool lab
Company Information

Tinytapps is a Pune based new-generation techno-educational enterprise, dedicated to
promoting children’s early education. Its mission is to generate curiosity, foster skills
development and promote constructive thinking among young children. In the past we have
successfully built 50+ educational apps and published them on various app stores resulting in over 3 million downloads.

For More Information visit www.thetinytapps.com

Information about our Learning systems

Our flagship product, Wee learning is a complete learning system for preschool kids available for Android and windows 10 devices. This software includes 1000+ syllabus bases activities covering English, Math and Science along with Rhymes, Stories , Art all gamified with parental controls. Parents can analyse and measure the interest of the child along with controls to limit their time usage of the software. The tablet version of the product can also be used as a regular tablet with calling feature.

The Learning system is available in Download, SD card and Tablet version.

How does my Preschool or Day care benefit from this?
  • Create a preschool lab where kids can experience technology
  • Kids can enhance their learning by reinforcing concepts learnt in school.
  • Schools can make this as a Part of the student kit
  • Schools can recommend this to Parents as a recommended educational aid.
  • Schools can partner with tinytapps and demonstrate Wee learning at Events.
  • Schools can endorse the learning system and customise for their own learning needs
  • Schools can buy the software version if they already have tablets or windows 10 computers.
  • Schools can evaluate the vast app library that tinytapps produces.


How does this benefit kids?


Studies on the use of tablets in an educational environment show that they can yield a number of benefits for students in terms of improving:

  • Improving Motivation
  • Developing IT skills
  • Greater engagement
  • Creating a more individual approach to learning
  • Flexibility in terms of space and time
  • Student evaluation
  • Access to better Visual quality of learning material

Early childhood education refers to the most important phase in a person’s life. A well developed elementary curriculum focuses on physical, intelligence/cognitive, emotional, and social learning of a child during the first six years of his/her life. Though parents always play a major role in child’s learning process, preschools and kindergarten classrooms actually develop all the basic and essential skills of a child. It is a known fact that children learn at the fastest pace when they are between 0-6 years of age. This conclusion makes early childhood learning development a very important issue.

How do we get in touch?

We recommend filling in the form below to reach us. In case you are looking for an old-style phone or address, here are the details:

Tinytapps Software Private Ltd, B3/3, Cerebrum IT park, Above Dmart Kalyaninagar, Pune 411014

Contact – 9764710523, 8208744271

Email – marketing@thetinytapps.com with Subject “PreSchool Enquiry”

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Inviting All Preschools and Day care Centres

Provide your kids with an amazing efficient way to learn and get in love with the Wee. The Wee Learning system designed as a full-fledged learning and entertainment solution bundled with  an amazing tablet for the age group 2-6 years providing cognitive, analytical and motor skill learning content. It covers the syllabus for all three pre-school years’ along with games, puzzles, rhymes, stories, worksheets, and more. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve the positioning of your brand, increase admissions and provide kids with a new tool to make learning fun!

Our economic future depends on providing the tools for upward mobility and building a highly educated, skilled workforce. Early childhood education is the most efficient way to accomplish these goals – Nobel Laureate economist James Heckman