It’s about Shapes! Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Ovals and Diamond- just to name a few. All packed together in five fun filled interactive activities/games.

Shapes are in everything. From buildings to furniture, cars to pizzas and balloons. Our games bring Shapes in Space, Shapes in Supermarket, Shapes in Maze and more.

These delightful shapes-based activities and games enhance recognition and observation skills, improve visual discrimination and promote analytical thinking.

Indeed, an excellent way to spend happy times with your little darlings!
1. Shapes Drop
2. Shapes Maze
3. Shapes Family
4. Shapes Space
5. Shapes Supermarket

1. Timer On/Off
2. Speed
3. Score/Points
4. Suitable for Pre-K, K1 & K2.
5. U.K. English

Preschool Consultant: SAJEDA JAMAL