1.My almost three year old loves the games that are associated with this app. It’s a great learning tool and he enjoys it so much … I give it five stars!!
by psk1234(United States)

In early years education ‘Colours” is usually taught as they are seen in the world around us. But TinyTapps brings Colours for your child through a Carnival…a COLOUR CARNIVAL!

Colour Carnival

The Colour Carnival is a fun place with red fireworks, pink candies, purple bumper cars and much more. Your child will simply love and enjoy the Colour Carnival.

Colours: The child learns to recognize colours namely Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black…a total of 10. Its an attempt to widen the horizon of your child by providing interesting information and introducing related pictures thus arousing curiosity to learn more.

Colour Game/ Activity: This activity helps to evaluate the learning achieved and strengthen the visual discrimination.

Colour Fun: This activity with a choice of brushes and a panel of colours and a wipe off tool will surely make colouring a fun activity.

Colour Song: is all about educating and entertaining at the same time. Surely a song your child will love to listen and hum.