Good Habits By Tinytapps

Good Habits do not begin automatically. Teaching kids the right habits for a happy and healthy life is an incredible responsibility and a challenge. It is no small chore, but one that is of the utmost importance.

Good Habits by Tinytapps is an educational app for preschool kids and toddlers. The app focuses on making the learning process fun and fuss free. The content of the app is as follows:

1.Hygiene Habits: It is important to teach children personal hygiene habits. We need to make them understand the long term benefits of habits such as hand-washing and brushing teeth and that these tasks have to be done to stay healthy.

2.Healthy Habits: By helping children develop healthy habits, we can prepare them to make good choices e.g. early to bed, nutritional foods, exercising etc.

3.Good Habits: ‘Throw rubbish in the bin’, ‘Do not scribble on the desks and walls’ and more good habits like these help children take care and keep their surroundings neat and clean.

4.Rhyme – Bits of Paper

5.Activity 1: Tap to choose your option: Helps kids learn associate the items used with its habit, e.g. I wipe my face with a ……….

6.Activity 2: Drag & Drop the pictures in sequence: is learning about what comes first – waking up, having a shower, brushing teeth, combing hair.

The app is designed to appeal kids with its friendly menu, beautiful illustrations and awesome animations. More habits and activities will be added.

Your little ones will surely love this app, and so will you.