Children have a natural love of learning and in this day and age of iPad, educational apps to them is one of the best ways to feed their growing minds.

Apps provided by Tinytapps are a great way to help kids learn through colourful illustrations, animations, user experience features, music and voice over in simple language.

Opposites are word pairs that are opposite in meaning, such as hot and cold, black and white, and in and out.

Opposites are one of the earliest basic concepts children seem to grasp. Opposites have to be taught because it is important for a child to learn that not everything is the same.

Opposites allow children to better understand differences in the world around them. As they are familiar within their surroundings, they can easily learn to distinguish and point out the differences/opposites in their world. Opposites give children a challenge to their cognitive thinking skills.

This app includes 25 pairs i.e. 50 Opposites words in the learning section and a game in the evaluation section. A song will be added shortly.

Its time your little darlings learnt Opposites and what better time than now!