Phonics Interactive

Phonics Interactive by Tinytapps is a foundational language app for preschoolers, kids and toddlers.
It features:

1.Letters A-Z
2.Pictures A-Z
3.Letters a-z
4.Phonic Sounds A-Z
5.Rhyming Words with a,e,i,o,u – NEW words added.
6.Word Game – NEW

Preschool kids, usually learn the sounds of all the letters a-z. Phonics Drill i.e. practicing the phonic skills makes spelling and reading smooth and automatic.

Phonics Interactive helps your child in learning to recognize the letters, both uppercase and lowercase and phonic sounds. It also improves your child’s word recognition, spelling, and reading comprehension skills.

It is interactive, engaging and supports language development through fun and play. It prepares your little ones towards achieving reading success.