Safety For Kids

The safety of children is an important issue all parents and caretakers should have knowledge of. The most effective way of protection is educating them to be aware of potential dangers, and teaching ways to avoid those situations. From crossing the road, to teaching kids to keep away from fire, electric sockets, sharp tools etc. every aspect of child safety education is important.

Safety For Kids by Tinytapps could be your starting point. The app has sections about:
1.Home Safety
2.Road Safety

The two above sections help educate the kids on the dangers at home and on the road and how to keep themselves safe. As basic as they may seem, simple safety tips could end up saving your child’s life.
The app also has:
3.Rhyme – Traffic Lights
4.Activity to recognize unsafe objects
5.Art Activity

The illustrations and animations are bright and beautiful. The audio and visual user tap effects are exciting and lots of fun. We’ll be adding more content soon. Your child’s simply going to love this app.

Educating your children is an ongoing process that will help keep them safe even when they are eventually on their own. Happy Parenting!