The Wonder Tree

Folktales by Tinytapps are lessons of value to teach young children desirable behaviour. They are aimed at cultivating “virtues” and praise qualities such as kindness, truth, honesty and hard work.

The Wonder Tree is a folktale from Arabia.

Key Features:

•Awesome Artwork & Animations
•Excellent On Tap Audio Visuals
•Amazing Sounds & Music
•Story Text appearing along with narration
•Options for Auto play, Read To Me & I want to Read

Folktales are important lessons of life passed down the generations. Folktales have the power to influence perception, attitude, behavior, and many other factors important to human’s life as well as the society.

Folktales by Tinytapps is developed and designed to both educate and entertain our young story lovers from start to finish.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.