Time Bird

While many preschoolers are too young to understand the overall concept of time, most children understand small increments of time. Time Bird, a Tinytapps educational app about Time does exactly that.

What’s new? Number 1, 2, and 3 are the updates in the app.

1.Times of the Day:
•This section is a fun way to learning the times of the day by sliding a button that helps change position of the sun and accordingly the times of the day – Morning, Noon, Evening & Night.

2.My Day / Daily Activities:
•Common activities from morning to night such as waking up, exercising, having meals, playing etc. are presented with colourful illustrations and animations.

3.Activity: It allows the child to associate the times of the day and its related activities.

4.The Clock:

* Introduction to a Clock, its features and purpose.
* Both the analogue and the digital clocks are used in this section.
* This section explains the hour hand.
* User can select either Auto Learning or Self Learning.

•Auto Read – Keeping the minute hand at 12 it helps your child understand that anytime the minute hand is there it is __ o’clock.

•Self Read – Allows your child to move the hour hand around until they are comfortable reading it.

*Although the concept of time is often difficult for young children to understand, preschoolers can learn to tell time with these age appropriate activities for time concepts.

•Matching – is a simple activity which asks the child to match the digital and the analogue clocks showing the same time.

•Set Time: evaluates the child by asking him to set the time on the clock.